Saturday, December 31, 2011

Late season stripers

Mike and Shannon of Bristle PA landed this nice stripper on a short after noon fishing trip hear in Sea Isle City.  Believe it of not this fish was taken on frozen bunker.  With the whether as nice as this how can you beet a day sitting on the beach and hoping for a striper.  Or even hitching a ride with the local party boat the Starfish they have been SLAMING Big tog.  The whether looks like it should be nice over the week end, than a cold front for the beginning of the week but if thing stay the way they look we may be in for another Nice week end next week.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Hot and Heavy tog bite

Over the short Holliday weekend I actually made it out fishing.  We started at the OC reef for an AWSOM tog bite the first hour was a little slow until we got positioned over the wreck just rite and got them biting then it was a non stop fast and furious bite.  It was less than 45 minutes until the 3 of us had a limit of tog up to 8lb.  We then headed back down south to the Sea Isle lump where several friends had a descent striper bite that morning we trolled for about an hour plenty of bait and fish marks on the fish finder but no knock downs.  The reports we are getting say the bite at the SI lump is in the AM