Friday, February 7, 2014

2014 flounder regulations for nj

The start and end date have not been decided yet. what do you thing???

At today’s meeting, the ASMFC voted in favor of regionalized management for fluke in effect reallocating some of New Jersey’s fluke quota and giving it to New York. Further, of the two regionalization plans being considered, they chose the worse one for New Jersey. Under the adopted plan, New Jersey will be in a region with New York and Connecticut. Under this plan we will have a 4 fish bag limit at 18” with a 128 day season. The NJMFC will now only be able to decide when the season will begin and when it will end. Under this plan New Jersey is only projected to harvest 906,348 fluke. If the other regional option had been chosen New Jersey would have had a 135 day season with a projected harvest of 947,337 fluke.
Further the ASMFC disregarded the will of the public. Hearings were held in various states and there was a public comment period where the vast majority of the public opposed the regionalized plans. Additionally, the ASMFC claimed they wanted to have similar sized regulations between bordering states but all they did was shift the problem. Last year New York had a 19” size limit and New Jersey had a 17 ½” size limit despite the fact that they were fishing similar waters. This year both New York and New Jersey will have an 18” size limit. However, Delaware will have a 16” size limit. How is that fair for our boats out of Cape May that fish similar waters?
The little bit of good news today was that the ASMFC voted not to have a closed season on winter flounder. Now we just have to wait for the NJMFC to adopt that measure.
The ASMFC also voted in favor of ad hoc regional measures for sea bass as we had last year.
I am hopeful that since New Jersey under fished its target quota that we might be able to have a somewhat longer season this year but that remains to be seen.

Paul Haertel
President JCAA

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Star Fish is going tomarow 2-7-13

I just got off the phone with Captain Mike from the Star Fish Party boat and they are heading out tomorrow to look for some Tog.  The boat has not left the dock lately due to the heavy Ice in the lagoon.  With the Cold weather we have had there is  a good chains some Cod and Pollock have pushed down from up north.  For more info (609) 263-3800   I will be in the shop from 7am till around 10am if you are needing any thing.  I will be starting to get thing ready for the big Polar Bare Plunge Weekend sale.

Monday, February 3, 2014

What Can We Do For You

The 2014 season is just around the corner and as we do every year we like to have a discussion about how we can better serve you the customer.  Every year we get some great suggestions on new products and services you want us to offer or things we can just do differently to make your experience better.  New last year we introducing Rod and Reel repair and people have been very happy with that service.  The only reason SIB&T has seen the growth we have is due to the great customers we have.  So let us know via FACEBOOK email or phone (609) 263-6540 what we can do to better serve you…  Also more information will be coming out about the big Polar Bare Plunge sale the weekend of Feb 15.