Saturday, January 14, 2012

Lisa G's Big TOG

Tog fishing has still been GREAT check out this whooper 15 ponder caught by Lisa G from NY aboard the Starfish party boat hear in Sea Isle City.  With the colder whether approaching Tog will move farther off shore and be come sluggish and a little more difficult to catch so get out fishing wile its still GOOD.  The starfish is also doing a Cod trip leaving at 5Am Jan 21 the fee is $100.00.  The days the starfish goes fishing we will be open from 7Am till 8Am and we are still open on the weekends.  Contact the Starfish at (609) 263 – 3800 or

Monday, January 9, 2012


Wile the fishing remains good things are slowing down in Sea Isle City.  We will remain open every day Monday - Friday from 7Am till 8 Am weather permitting Unless we hear of blitzes on the beach. Saturday 6Am – 6Pm and Sunday 6Am – 12 Noon.  If you will need something wile we are closed pleas call in advance (609) 263-6540 or email and we will make arrangements for you.

As for fishing the tog fishing remains good on the inshore and mid rang wrecks and reefs even herd of an occasional Cod inshore this week end.  Never go wreck fishing with out a couple of clams herd of some one lucking in to one on a green crab and did not have any clams to feed the cod.  There are still a couple of stripers around with a Good bite up north from what I have been hearing. I will keep you up to date on what the starfish party boat is doing and what is going on around the tackle shop..