Saturday, October 26, 2013

Bit Tog in Sea Isle City

Looks like all kinds of fish are biting to day had a bunch of reports of people getting stripers on the beach to day mostly on poppers but some on FRESH Bunker and clams.  Tom B just stopped in with this 9 ¼ pound Tog he landed on one of the local wrecks just off of Sea Isle City.  Tom was in early getting his crabs he wanted to be the first one out and it paid off.  He and his buddy ended up with 3 be for heading in.  Don’t for get we open at 5am Friday Saturday and Sunday

Friday, October 25, 2013

Stripers in the Surf on Poppers !!

Check out this striper Kyle just landed throwing a blue and white Atomizer Atom popper in the surf.  There are a lot of new fancy expensive poppers and lures out there but some times the classics work best.  It was a cold yet gorgeous morning and there have been more and more reports of stripers in the bay and now in the surf.  Its getting to be that time so gear up and get out there and look for yours….  Fresh bunker, live clams, eels, spot, green crabs, bloodworms all available..

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Big Stripers are on there way to Sea Isle city

I have gotten some great reports over the last couple of days.  There have been several big fish taken off Briantine and Atlantic City witch puts that school in Sea Isle City for the weekend from what I have herd all the fish where on clams.  Saturday looks ok but as of now Sunday looks like the better day.  Also the people fishing the back bay are catching stripers steadily using a buck tail and curly tail worms, rattle traps, and poppers in the evening.  Over night people are using black boomers, drifting eels or spot.  If you are fishing in the lights soft plastics like fines fish or bass assassins are working well.  There was frost on the pumpkin at my house this morning things are going to be letting loose any time now.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Grunens Foul Weather Gear at Sea Isle Bait and Tackle LLC

Looks like we may be getting some Rain tomorrow.   Be ready with some new rain gear and boots.  We have a full supply of GRUND`ENS Foul Weather Gear and XTRATUF boots along with all the hats, knit hats, neoprene gloves, rubber gloves, hoodies and every thing ells you need for the up coming cold weather fishing.  Wile some stores are decreasing the size of there inventory this time of year the inventory at Sea Isle Bait and Tackle is Exploding

Monday, October 21, 2013

Duck Commnders Duck Call's

I know you have all been screaming for more of the duck calls from Duck Commanders.  I do have some more coming in. A wood duck call and a mallard call.  With the popularity of the TV show these call are very hard to get I will continue to order every one that is available.  I also ordered some Haydel’s and Illinois river we will see what they ship!!  Herd some excellent reports of teal and wood duck from opening day.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Spot for sale in Sea Isle City

The spot supplies are holding up well and the suppliers are saying there is a good amount but not as many as they wanted to have of the small-mid size.  With the cooler temps the spot and eels are really string to move as people stock up before supplies get low or cost go up.  If you need some let us know pre orders are recommended on orders of more than 50.  There is a price brake at 50 and 100 on spots and eels.  On orders of 50 of 100 pleas let us know before you come.  We also have spot and eel pens available.