Saturday, April 14, 2012

2012 Tide Charts

2012 Tide charts have arrived.  This years tide chart also has the rules and regulations on the back.  So stop by and pick some up.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Best sputnik ever !!

Possibly the best sputnik I have ever seen.   First of all I really like how each leg can individually relic.  After a leg is removed from the set position it swings way back allowing for easier retrieval.  The tension needed to relic the legs can also be increased or decreased depending on the conditions.

The “Splash Down” series has a clip mechanism at the top that allows the sputnik to attach to a hook or swivel for the cast and the moment it hits the water it will relic.  This will increase casting distance and accuracy and most important will reduce tangles.

There is a limited supply in the store at this time we are tacking special orders now.  Stop bye and check them out for your self.   If you fish the surf and us sputniks we strongly encourage you to check these cool new sinker out.

7 Day Forecast (looken good)

Have you seen the forecast to this weekend..  Looking good.  There have been stripers taken on the surf and in the inlet.  There are also some nice striper around the lights of the bridges and docks at night the best bite has been on the out going tide.  Most people have been using soft plastics ( Fin-s fish & Bass Assassins)  But try a small swimming plug or lipless crank bait also.  Don’t for get the Tog.  They have been biting very well around all the rocks and pilings but the best bites are on the inshore wrecks and reefs.  Plenty of green and white legger crabs in stock….