Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Go Nick

This picture has been flying around face book. It's legendary angler, World class out doors writer / photographer and my buddy Nick Honachefsky. This picture he has shared very simply explains how great the blue fishing has been. Be sure to read his articles in the fishermen on the water magazine the carrier post and many other printer and Internet media

Big blues lots of them

The blue fishing continues to be excellent despite the wind today we received good reports from the back bay and the inlet. On jigs and bait.

Bug spray and suntan lotion needed

The sun is shining and the bugs are biting. Don't go out there unprepared be sure to stop by and pick up some suntan lotion and bug spray

Monday, April 25, 2016

Planning a big blues around come get your fresh bunker

Plenty of big blues around come get your fresh bunker
Check out Heidi fighting this slammer bluefish. The blue bite has been excellent lately and we are all restocked with fresh bunker....