Saturday, January 21, 2012

Middle of the winter or prime time fishing season

At 2:30 am this morning as I shoveled the snow of the truck I was wondering what the hell I was doing going to the tackle shop in the middle of the winter at this hour of the day.  Then it occurred to me even with sea bass being closed for many of us that have jobs that tack so much of the fishing time during the spring summer and fall months this is prime time fishing season for us.  The cod and tog fishing has been unreal and to day is the first 12 hour cod trip of the season for the starfish..  So get some buddy’s together and jump on your local party boat or get that boat out of the yard on a nice day this winter and experience  winter fishing at the south jersey shore. We are open nice days in the AM and the weekends.  Who knows maybe the mackerel will show up this year maybe this will be an epic late winter winter flounder bite.