Friday, December 4, 2015

Susan Hudson fishing Sea Isle City

Susan Hudson 12 hour "Wreck Fish" Fishing Trip from Sea Isle City, New Jersey scedual..  12/5. 5AM - 12/8. 5AM - 12/10. 5AM - 12/12. 5AM - 12/13. 5AM.  The price for the 12 hour trip is $100 the fishing has been Awsom and the weather looks great for more info check out or call 609-263-3800 or call us at the store.

Even I can catch them stripers

We ended up having a good morning. 15 total 10 trolling and 5 jigging. Unfortunately did not get any over 43 but that's fine had a good morning on the water

Good looking day in sea isle city

The First look as the sun rises on what shold be a very nice stretch of weather.  The fishing latly has been off the charts and the weather will be nice today and tomarow and amazing on sunday.. get your buddy get your kids and go enjoy the out doors..... Better yet jump on a boat and go fishing...

Monday, November 30, 2015

Restocked with Spot Sea Isle City

There Baaaack... That's write the tank is restock and Full of STOT. There is a limited supply and they will be first come first serve at $7 a piece.  We have seen several keepers come from the back bay this week so if you can't make it into the ocean get some spots and hit the bay.

Rough weather Big Stripers

Some people didn't go fishing today because it was "rainy" or "Windy" or "Rough"...  Well they missed it..... The reports from today where fantastic huge schools of stripers rolling on the surface massive bird plays and plenty of big bass for the people that got out of bed strapped on the rain gear and headed out on the high seas.