Friday, May 17, 2013

We are going to bee soo busy with the opening of flounder on Saturday opening of sea bass on Sunday and the big tournament I had to call in some extra help..  So Finn came up for a little wile to help out his old man but all he wants to do is go fishing,,,,

Tomorrow is opening day for founder and we are ready. Loaded with buck tails rigs GULP! Minnows and every thing else you may need.  Registration for the tournament ends 6am tomorrow.  The reports coming in have been very good lots of flounder weakfish and blues in the bay.  Oww ya the stripers are biting very well in the surf.  Don’t for get about the punch cards bring your fish in to get weighed in. Get your card punched get 6 punches and receive $10 in store credit. 

Monday, May 13, 2013

Flounder Tournament Sea Isle City

The count down has begun till the Annual Opening Day Flounder Tournament..  May 18th2013. Entry $20 1st place Winner takes all 2nd & 3rdplace prizes from Sea Isle Bait and Tackle.. Calcutta’s 3 heaviest flounder $10 winner takes all.. Heaviest weakfish $5 winner takes all.. Heaviest blue fish $5 winner takes all.. Registration begins May 1st and ends May 18th 6am sharp. You must register in person at Sea Isle Bait and Tackle. All fish must be weighed in at Sea Isle Bait and Tackle by 5pm sharp May 18th by winning angler. Every angler on boat must be entered in the tournament. All rules set forth by NJ fish and game must be followed. For more information contact me (609) 263-6540

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Red hot surf fishing in sea isle city..

The bite in the surf continues to be RED HOT.  Check out this matching pair of 14 lb’ers and he left them biting.  Fresh clam is the bait of choice and there have been some fish pushing 40 pounds around so be reedy….

Sea Isle Fishing continues to be Good.

I have seen a lot of nice sea robins in me live and this one is a beauty little dusty had a great day out with his dad also getting a blue fish.  Sea robins not only good for bate they are good for the plate…